maxatwork“I took my guitar to Max as it had a cracked neck and had been infrequently used for about 15 years. He did a great job fixing it up and it play like new. Since getting it back I have been playing and learning new music. Max did only what was needed and charged a reasonable price.”

Paul W., Sherwood Park

“As a touring musician I rely on Max Guitar Care to keep my gear in top shape. I choose Max because of his thorough attention to detail, his genuine care for my guitars and for the consistency of his work. He treats each instrument as if it were his own and I highly recommend his work.”

Robb, Edmonton

“After a mishap at a house party, my beautiful Taylor acoustic wound up with an ugly hole in the cedar top. Dismayed, I took it to Max to see what he could do for me.

He promptly took it in his care and proceeded to work his magic on it.

I got the guitar back a couple of weeks later. The damage was repaired in such a way that the sound was completely unaffected and the finish was polished and blended.

This guitar had some miles on it, so I was delighted to see the worn frets replaced and dressed. Now it plays like new. What more could I ask for?”

Paul L., Edmonton (obsessive amateur musician!)

“I took my nylon-string guitar to Max because of serious problems with the action. The action was way too high, and the high E was too close to the edge of the fingerboard and kept falling off the frets. Because of these problems, the guitar was living in its case – I was keeping it for sentimental reasons. Now the guitar lives in our living room and gets played several times a day.”

Ralph, Vegreville.

“Wow you really are full of resources!!  Glad I found your website.”

Loretta, Edmonton

thank you again.  The guitar plays beautifully!!…It sounds awesome.  You did a great job!!  If I or anyone I know needs some work I will be sure to refer them to you.”

Chris, Edmonton

“What a wonderful and easy venture it was for me to take my 2 guitars into Max for setup and adjustment. I could tell right from the beginning, Max was intent on giving me the best of service, and wanted to ensure my trip down from Ft McMurray would end in absolute satisfaction. Impressed with his attention to detail along with his forthright honesty and integrity. If you have any guitar issues, Max is someone I highly recommend.”
Doug D., Fort McMurray

“I walked into MAX GUITAR CARE with my Gibson Epiphone. The headstock was in my right hand, and the guitar was in my left. The moment I met Max, I knew right away that he was going to pull through for me and my guitar. Max kept me updated throughout the entire process and when it was time to pick up my guitar, I was thrilled. Max did a quality job on repairing my damaged guitar and it plays better than ever!!
Thanks MAX!!!”
Bragg Creek, AB

“My Les Paul suffered a badly broken headstock. I brought it to Max for repair. Max was very professional and devoted to repairing my Les Paul so that it could be as good and better than it was. I would highly recommend Max to anyone with guitar problems, even bad breaks as in my case. Great value,Thanks Max”
Mark Hall

“Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. Guitar sounds great. The set up and adjustments solved the problem. Job was done quickly and billing was more than reasonable.”
Thanks again

“I was planning to sell a classical guitar because the action was so high that playing was just painful, despite having had it lowered previously at the shop where I bought it. Max offered to try to lower the action even more, convincing me that I might regret selling such a beautiful instrument. He did such a perfect job that now the guitar is finally fun to play, and I can enjoy it the way I’ve always wanted to. Thanks to Max and his friendly advice and great work, I kept the guitar and I am very happy that I did so. I would not hesitate to go back to Max the next time I require any type of guitar care.”
Lisa (Edmonton)

Absolutely brilliant job on the guitar. She looks brand new and plays better than ever. The setup makes her almost effortless to play and the tone balance for the pickups was perfect. She sounds and plays exactly as I want her to.
You’ve got a new loyal customer. I’ll be bringing in my Collings soon.

Gotta tell you I love the Tele!!!! Woo….it’s got all the right snap and distinct tone where I want it! Great job with the set up!
It really has exceeded my expectation and I do want you to know how much I appreciate your time and effort in making things just right, and such prompt service! Great job on the action as well. It really is a difference from what I remember the Tele sounding like.
It’s gonna get played a lot now! I have 2+ years of making up to do!
Thanks again Max! Greatly appreciated!


“I had a chance to try out the Bourgeois Parlor last night and I agree with you that it sounds great with the new strings. In fact, it hasn’t sounded this good since I bought it back in 2011. I was unhappy with the action set by the factory but thanks to you the guitar now plays exactly how I had imagined. Like all owners, I was cautious about who would do the work but I feel confident that I have made the right choice. I will be bringing a vintage 1970 Yamaha SA-30 hollow body for you to set up in the very near future.”
Thanks again for re-awakening my “Madrose Parlour”.
Best regards

… almost gave up on my taylor gs mini, the action was too high and the intonation was off. After a little research I contacted Max and ended up dropping the guitar off to him. Next time I passed thru Edmonton, Max gave me back my guitar and it was playable again! Better than ever in fact, and Max was very reasonable with his repair charges too.

Tom Hamilton
Yellowknife, NT

I admit that I was somewhat distraught when I first brought you my new G&L Comanche which was damaged by a messy repair job by another known reputable shop. The guitar being 4 months old, and coming from California, required sharp fret ends to be dressed due to maple fingerboard shrinkage. After bringing the guitar home from this shop, close examination showed unsatisfactory results. I observed most of the sharp fret ends were filed, however, they were not properly dressed or finished as many file marks were still visible. The finished was scraped off and gouged in numerous locations on the sides of the light tint maple fingerboard.
This was a NEW guitar and I wanted it looking NEW. I was prepared to do whatever it takes to return this neck fingerboard to it’s new looking condition.

I wish to express my deepest and sincere thanks to you for a fantastic job well done.
You would never know that there were issues with the fret ends and fingerboard finish.
Jim Hoitsma

“I was very impressed with Max Guitar Care. Max was very thorough with his examination of our acoustic and electric guitars, both very old. I appreciated his honesty and courteous manner when receiving his comments on the guitars’ condition. The guitars look great now and sound even better. Max’ talents are just as impressive as he played the guitars so that we could hear how wonderful they sounded. I would recommend his services to anyone. My children are motivated more now than ever before to learn to play music. Thank you Max!”
Lisa S.