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maxguitarcare3Max’s Set-up Service

At Max Guitar Care, we recommend regular service, especially in the Spring and Fall, when the temperature and humidity change. In the Edmonton area, we experience large swings in temperature and humidity. When you heat your home in the winter, even if you use a humidifier, it’s difficult to keep the relative humidity above 40%. Once spring comes, the relative humidity rises to more than 70%, with the humidifier off. As Max says:

“Imagine being a wooden guitar held together by glue with all kinds of pressures and tensions in different places in your body, in a changing environment like that. No wonder guitars move and require adjustment.”

So, the next time your guitar needs a string change, or just doesn’t quite feel right, like it used to, call us for a set-up. It’s like a tune-up for your car, which keeps it running in top shape.

At Max Guitar Care, acoustic set-up includes a complete examination of saddle, bridge, nut, tuners, fretboard, neck, optimal adjustment of tuners where possible, cleaning and conditioning of fretboard, adjustment of string action and neck relief where required, restringing, and cleaning, polishing and testing. An electric set-up includes all of the above plus the extra adjustments possible on electrics such as intonation, trem balance, and cleaning of pots and switches where required.

The Max Guitar Care Advantage – Quick service and rapid turn-around.

Our rates are competitive, but where we set ourselves apart from our competition is with our rapid turn-around time. Quick and professional service is standard at Max Guitar Care. A set-up takes 60-90 minutes of shop time. No more waiting 3 weeks for a set-up. At Max Guitar Care, we return our set-ups to our customers in a week or less, every time.


Each repair is different. We examine and estimate every repair individually. But once we quote a repair, we don’t exceed that quote, even if we need to spend twice as long on the repair as we had originally thought. That’s our “Peace-of-Mind Guarantee” to you.

At Max Guitar Care, we routinely perform the following repairs:

  • Broken headstocks
  • Bridge resets
  • Custom saddle and nut work
  • Tuner replacement
  • Fret dressing
  • Full fret replacements, including fretboard resurfacing
  • Crack, hole, and ding repair and spot restoration
  • Tremolo installations, e.g. Bigsby, Stetsbar
  • Floyd Rose adjustment and optimization