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Welcome to Max Guitar Care, the home of quality guitar care, guitar repair, restoration and service!

At Max Guitar Care, servicing your  guitar or bass is our primary mission, it is not a sideline. We service both acoustic guitars and electric guitars as well as electric basses.

The owner /operator of Max Guitar Care is Mike Curtis (Max Doubt), to see more information on Mike/Max see “About Max” above.

We are committed to ensuring your guitar is kept in great condition. We offer care packages that will make sure your guitar performs the way it should.

Max Guitar care is focussed on quality and reliable service for your guitar or bass. We are committed to delivering the best guitar care and guitar repair in Sherwood Park, Edmonton and Strathcona County



Guitar repair is kind of a sacred trust to me. When someone turns his or her baby over to my care, I understand the trust that’s implied. I treat that guitar repair as if it were my own.

The Guitar Neck

The guitar neck is a sensitive factor and indicator in the playability and comfort of the guitar. Getting the guitar neck just right is a big part of a successful service. Some players like a little relief in the guitar neck to minimize buzzing, especially if they’re a heavy hitter. My personal preference is for a guitar neck that’s almost completely straight. But then, old Max is not a heavy hitter. I think the last time I broke a string was in the 70s. Whether I’m doing guitar repair or care, it’s important for me to understand my customers’ playing styles and preferences. That way, I’ll be able to set their guitar neck in a way that maximizes their playing satisfaction.

Humidity and your Guitar

In guitar repair and care, one of the most important factors to manage is guitar humidity. Poor management of guitar humidity can lead to cracks in the sides and back and cracking in the guitar finish. At worst, poor guitar humidity can lead to a separation in one of the structural glue joints. A situation like that necessitates a serious and costly guitar repair. I advocate using an in-hole guitar humidifier on acoustic guitars during the extremely dry months, like November to March. Think about Daylight Savings Time – when we go off DST, time to humidify. But remember, good guitar humidity management also means avoiding over humidifying your guitar. That can lead to swelling in the lower bout, which will destroy proper string action at the guitar neck.

Guitar Finish

Guitar finish is kind of a personal preference thing. Some players like to see lots of wear and cracking in the guitar finish. Personally, I like a guitar finish that’s as pristine and new-looking as possible, but that’s just old Max. So I advocate a variety of guitar care treatments to keep the guitar finish looking good. Again, that’s a personal thing and up to the customer.